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Message from GP-Spin Coordinator

The Graduate Program in Spintronics (GP-Spin) was launched as the first International Joint Graduate Program in Tohoku University, with the goal of educating global leaders in the emerging field of spintronics. This program is based on the open-door policy of Tohoku University and our strength in the spintronics research field. By building inter-departmental collaborations in the University and in cooperation with overseas organizations, GP-Spin aims to foster personalities who can play an active role in the international spintronics  area.

We have selected excellent students to join GP-Spin. However, the program sets many challenges to the students, in addition to the requirements of a regular graduate school curriculum. For example, a six-month research visit at a foreign organization is required, which will present the students with the challenge of thriving in different cultures and environments. Nevertheless, overcoming these difficulties will foster their ability to play an active role in this dynamic field. I look forward to seeing the students chosen by GP-Spin growing up through the GP-Spin curriculum and becoming front runners in the spintronics field.

To achieve this goal, we need the support of overseas organizations and researchers. We wish to pursue cooperation with overseas research and education organizations in many forms such as agreements for jointly supervised (or joint) degrees, international collaborative research, and qualifying examinations (QE). Placing our first priority on fostering excellent graduates in the field of spintronics equips us with a flexible way of thinking to deal with various circumstances among different countries.

We would appreciate cooperation and advice from many people to this effort to foster talented individuals who will lead the spintronics research field in Japan and the world.

Takafumi SATO

Professor, Tohoku University
GP-Spin Coordinator

updated on april 1, 2023

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