Graduate Program in Spintronics, Tohoku University

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Overview of the Program

The goal of GP-Spin is to produce doctoral students with strong academic and international skill sets, through an international, jointly supervised education. They are expected to lead both the academic and industrial fields with their background in spintronics. We place an emphasis on an education of the fundamentals so that when faced with a wide variety of problems they are always equipped with a broad knowledge base.

One of the greatest advantages of being a part of GP-Spin is to be supervised by world leading professors in the field of spintronics. In addition, it is a combined degree program where Master's and Doctoral studies are supervised by accomplished, world leading professors both at Tohoku University and from overseas institutions. By undertaking lectures conducted by professors from overseas partner institutions and through the mandatory long term study abroad program (over six months), students in GP-Spin will extend their vision along with their international collaborative abilities as well as their professional expertise.

The program is organized with a compulsory lecture "Global Communication Skill I & II" which enhances English language ability to be utilized in the global community. A qualifying examination (QE) is conducted for each of the students at the final stage of their Master’s program in order to guarantee their level of comprehension. The students are required to complete their Doctoral dissertation in English and in addition to the regular defense, researchers from abroad will conduct a final screening. The students will be fostered with a deep basic knowledge as well as a broad global vision in addition to their Doctoral degree.

Overview of the Program

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