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[Mar. 2] Seminar by Prof. Johan ÅKERMAN


We are happy to announce that we are having Professor Joan Åkerman for GP-Spin seminar as follows! It will be conducted in a hybrid style.
Zoom URL is notified by a separate email.
Seminar by Prof. Johan Åkerman (Professor, University Research Lead)

  • Date and time: March 2 (Thursday), 13:30-15:00

  • Style: Onsite-Online Hybrid
    • Onsite: 4F Conference Room, Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
    • Online: Zoom invitaiton is notified by email announcement

  • Lecturer: Professor Johan Åkerman (University of Gothenburg & Tohoku University)

  • Title: Mutually synchronized spin Hall nano-oscillators for neuromorphic computing and Ising machines

  • Abstract:
Mutually synchronized spin hall nano-oscillators (SHNOs) [1,2] have emerged as one of the most promising types of spintronic devices for neuromorphic computing as individual SHNOs in large arrays can be voltage [3] and memristor [4] controlled. Very recently, the first experimental steps towards SHNO-based Ising Machines were also taken [5], and their potential was evaluated theoretically [6]. In my talk, I will describe our recent work in this field and the challenges that have to be overcome before SHNO-based Ising Machines can become a reality.

[1] A. A. Awad et al., Nature Physics 13, 292 (2017).
[2] M. Zahedinejad et al., Nature Nanotechnology 15, 47 (2020).
[3] H. Fulara et al., Nature Communications 11, 4006 (2020).
[4] M. Zahedinejad et al., Nature Materials 21, 81 (2022).
[5] A. Houshang et al., Physical Review Applied 17, 014003 (2022).
[6] B. C. McGoldrick, J. Z. Sun, and L. Liu, Physical Review Applied 17, 014006 (2022).
  • Sponsor: RIEC Cooperative Research Project

  • Contact:
Shunsuke Fukami (Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
TEL: 022-217-5555

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