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[Feb. 10] Seminar by Prof. Johan ÅKERMAN -postponed-


Dear all,

We regret to announce that the seminar informed here has been postponed due to inevitable change of Prof. Johan Åkerman's schedule. We plan to annouce you the latest seminar schedule as soon as it has been decided.

Please note that there will be no seminar held on Friday, February 10.

Thank you for your understanding.


This is an announcement of a seminar given by Prof. Johan ÅKERMAN, who has been appointed to a position at RIEC and has been named the "Professor University Research Lead" since this January. We welcome your participation. Check below for the details.

Seminar by Prof. Johan Åkerman (Professor, University Research Lead)

  • Date and time: February 10 (Friday), 13:30-15:00

  • Style: Onsite-Online Hybrid
    • Onsite: 4F Conference Room, Laboratory for Nanoelectronics and Spintronics, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
    • Online: Zoom invitaiton is notified by email announcement
  • Lecturer: Professor Johan Åkerman (University of Gothenburg & Tohoku University)

  • Title: Mutually synchronized spin Hall nano-oscillators for neuromorphic computing and Ising machines

  • Abstract:
Mutually synchronized spin hall nano-oscillators (SHNOs) [1,2] have emerged as one of the most promising types of spintronic devices for neuromorphic computing as individual SHNOs in large arrays can be voltage [3] and memristor [4] controlled. Very recently, the first experimental steps towards SHNO-based Ising Machines were also taken [5], and their potential was evaluated theoretically [6]. In my talk, I will describe our recent work in this field and the challenges that have to be overcome before SHNO-based Ising Machines can become a reality.

[1] A. A. Awad et al., Nature Physics 13, 292 (2017).
[2] M. Zahedinejad et al., Nature Nanotechnology 15, 47 (2020).
[3] H. Fulara et al., Nature Communications 11, 4006 (2020).
[4] M. Zahedinejad et al., Nature Materials 21, 81 (2022).
[5] A. Houshang et al., Physical Review Applied 17, 014003 (2022).
[6] B. C. McGoldrick, J. Z. Sun, and L. Liu, Physical Review Applied 17, 014006 (2022).
  • Sponsor: RIEC Cooperative Research Project

  • Contact:
Shunsuke Fukami (Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication)
TEL: 022-217-5555

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