General Information

International Network for Spintronics: Early Career Researchers Meeting (INS-ECRM) is a sub meeting for INTERMAG 2023.
 The purpose for INS-ECRM is to provide a platform for early career researchers to develop new collaborations within this network project
There will be four subsections for INS-ECRM, each orgainzed by one of the assistant organizors.
INS-ECRM 2023 will be held both online(zoom) and in person.
All travel expenses for invited speakers will be covered by GP-Spin program.


Lecture Hall in 2nd Building, IMR, Tohoku University,2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, 980-8577 Sendai, Japan

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Section 1. Spintronics and surface excitations

Sub-organizor: Yuan TIAN (

Section 2.

Sub-organizer: Kohei OGANE (

Section 3.

Sub-organizer: ​Uttam Kumar CHOWDHURY 

Section 4. Spin Dynamics

Sub-organizer: ​Weida YIN


GP-Spin Student assisting the organization

Yuan TIAN, (
Kohei OGANE, (
Uttam Kumar CHOWDHURY, (​
Weida YIN, (

IEEE Magnetics Society members involved in the Conference Organization Committee

Prof. Rie UMETSU, (
Prof. Atsufumi HIROHATA, (
Prof. Shigemi MIZUKAMI,
Prof. Yasushi ENDO, 
Prof. Shunsuke FUKAMI,